REDISCOVER YOUR POWER with the 30-day Mind Body Transformation Challenge

 It's it Time to Take Yourself From...  

Exhausted & Doubtful to ENERGISED & CONFIDENT 

 You Deserve it, You Have Earned It & You Are WORTH it! 


This is for very busy women who are often mums and/or business owners who fit EVERYTHING in!  

You're a woman who is all things to all people....  

You name DO it!  

You don't have time to fit in a whole hour workout...  

That would mean driving to gym, doing workout, get home, shower...  

And if you have kids, who's going to look after them?  

So what you need is something realistic, short, effective.  

Then there's the know WHAT to just takes too much time and energy to do it...?  

You need quick meals that are tasty and nutritious. And you need to know what the best options are when you're on the run, travelling, have no time to cook and just want to get take out, right?  

So here's a question for you...

Who do you want to be? I mean….really…WHO do you want to be?  

Who is that person you dream about each day, the one you WISH you were?  

You know how every time you think of her…or you see a woman in the street who you think is just like her…you cry…  

You YEARN to BE her.  

The woman you WANT to be is fit, has a strong mind, is confident and goes out a lives! Really LIVES!  

She’s filled with passion and a zest for life, she wakes up with energy and bounces out of bed, she glows and she knows EXACTLY who she is!  

She doesn’t care what others think…  

When she shows up, you KNOW she’s in the room!  

So you think….what would it be like to be her?  

Yet you do nothing…or…you do a little…then rebound right back to where you started.  

Isn’t it time you choose to be her?


If you genuinely feel you are ready for a full mind and life transformation…  

If you are READY to take the leap towards your vital, CONFIDENT, energised life…  

If you're sick of trying the same old thing and getting the same old result… 


Here's What You Will Experience:

- 1 - 30 Days of Mindset Training - You will receive a video each day taking you one step closer to receating a new you!

- 2 - Daily body challenges that you can fit into your day no matter how busy you are. Sometimes 60 seconds is all it takes!

- 3 - 5 minutes meals, 60 second snacks and shoopping lists - taking the pain out of eating delicious, healthy meals. 

- 4 - Expert advice on movement - discover how to energise yourself with exercise. You won't believe how much you didn't know! 

- 5 - 5 minuted guided visualisations to keep you focused on what YOU actually want. It's time to take the focus 'off' what you no longer desire!

- 6 - 2 minute interruptors to stop the downward spiral of your thinking that leads to zero energy and the cookie jar. This is a tool that is short but powerful!

Are you in?



Over the last ten years, Sommer has dedicated her working life to empowering women to have the courage to be the best version of themselves. 

She has done this... as a personal trainer, through speaking, as an author, and now as a mindset mentor.

Sommer is passionate about changing the way women think and FEEL about their health and wellbeing.  


"Before I started working with Sommer, I was working long hours, juggling work and home and not prioritising eating or exercise!  

Since establishing a regular routine of training three times a week, I have become stronger, fitter and prioritised the long term importance of a healthy lifestyle.  

Sommer takes a holistic approach to managing fitness, (mental, physical and emotional) and for times when I have had a heavy workload has flexed the regimens to ensure a consistent approach adapted to altered energy levels.  

Sommer is professional, highly knowledgeable and approachable. Sommer’s focus is on an excellent experience and this has not wavered in the 9 months we have been working together.  

I would unreservedly recommend Sommer to others looking to establish a long term routine focused on health and nutrition."

Siân Slade, Group Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"I was at my biggest at 85kg, unhappy and I could say that I hated myself.  

Everything seemed to be going wrong. I was lost and I didn’t know who I was anymore. I tried to lose weight in 2008. I was able to lose about 8kg.  

As a result of some health problems, I put on another 5kg. I was at breaking point but then I was going through the local paper and I saw an ad about a personal trainer. What could I lose? Not much because I was already lost.  

So I called.  

I think that was exactly what I needed. Not only does Sommer help me with my physical side but also my mental wellbeing and that’s what I really liked about her was the help with the mental side.  

Since then, I haven’t looked back. Sommer gets me to look at everything and she gets right into my head. All the things that I try and hide.  

Sommer has been the best thing for me ever.”

Eliza Lenne

"Sommer is one of the most inspiring, passionate and caring people I know. She has such an important message to impart to others and communicates it clearly. She not only inspires people to change their lives but she gives them the tools to enable them to do so I loved her seminar and will be at the next one!" 

Renee Drayton

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