Hi! My name is Sommer Louise.

I am so happy you’ve made it to this page – because you’re ready….ready for change, ready to take your life off hold and step into you…for the first time since…well…since longer than you can remember!

_MG_8147_low_resSo welcome…it’s going to be fun.

Now I don’t profess to be ‘Super-Mom’ or ‘Wonder-Woman’…

I am just a normal chick, just like you.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a mentor and I teach what I have personally experienced and overcome.

I am super passionate about helping women take control of their life after sharing so much of themselves for so long. After losing touch with who they are and their wellbeing.

That’s you, isn’t it?

Achievement CollageI watched my own mother go through it and since then…I’ve been through the same thing.

I’ve dedicated the past 10 years of my life to learning like a crazy woman…taking as many self development courses my bank account (and husband) could withstand…

I’ve spent hours and hours researching…about the body, training, nutrition, mindset, mindset..and more mindset.

I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds (probably thousands!) of dollars on books and resources…

And I’ve spent many a night awake until the wee hours of the morning reading, learning, contemplating, writing and publishing.

I’ve observed my many clients, listened to their struggles, their challenges, their desires.

And after all of this…I have launched a resource I believe is exactly what you’re looking for…


You’ve lost touch with who you are, your vitality….you looked in the mirror and ‘gasped’ and what you see. 

You began to reminisce about that time when you felt your fittest, looked your best and was truly happy.

You want that back!


If you’re ready to feel amazing, full of vitality and ready to re-discover who you are, what you want and have a whole lot of fun doing it…you’re ready to ‘take life off hold!.

If you’re still reading,  you have the sparks of a little fire burning in your belly, telling you you want to know more. I sincerely thank you and I want to know more about you!

After all…it’s time for you, isn’t it?

Thanks again for visiting, I am so thrilled you’ve popped in.

And just so you know…I have put together 3 free editions of my digital magazine – ‘She is Fierce and Fabulous’. They are filled with fun and facts about  health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, fitness fashion and the best health retreats for you to visit from around the globe.

If it’s ok with you, you’re name will be popped on the list so you won’t miss out on future editions, freebies and updates.

You can also speak with me in The Mindset Mentor Facebook Group.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!