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Bright Shiny Objects…A Great Distraction…BUT…

It’s not about me, I want to talk about you.

Let’s talk about your baseline state.

I’m reading at the moment is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s latest book Becoming Supernatural. It’s absolutely magnificent. I do recommend you read his previous two first but you can read it without having the other two as previous knowledge because he does go into some depth. But in any case, he mentioned something that I’ve spoken about many times. I’ve talked about when you revert back to square one many times. Dr. Joe talks about it being your baseline state. I thought it was a great topic to talk about this morning because it is so common. It is something that frustrates the absolute life out of all of us. I know even myself I have my own baseline states in certain areas of my life that I’m working on a daily basis.

What is a baseline state?

A baseline state is the state that you refer back to or revert back to or default back to after you’ve moved towards something new or something better.

Let’s work on a normal life example here.

I’m going to go on the health track and talk about a body transformation.

  1. You’re going along on your body transformation and you know you’ve only got eight, nine, ten or twelve weeks whatever the distance is from point A to point B to the finish line.
  2. You put all of your mind, focus and your attention on getting to the finish line. That’s generally your state.
  3. You’re focusing on getting to the finish line.

What we don’t often do is be in every single moment of that journey and experience so that your brain, your nuero logical networks, the messages you’re sending to the cells of your body are all maintaining a new state of being. Instead you’re doing the action hoping for a result and pushing yourself forward to the finish line. Now off you go, when you get to the finish line and you’ve done the do; it’s all about the do they do what you eat what you do what you eat what you do how you move what you eat what you do how you move. You get to your finish line and once you’ve crossed that line more often than not you will default back to your baseline state.

Now what that means is that nothing has really changed for you neurologically and chemically. Your electromagnetic state the electrical impulse is coming from your brain to your body and your chemicals going from your brain to the cells are still the same. Because you’re still thinking and feeling the same as you were at the very beginning. Thoughts create an electrical charge and it stimulates a chemical response from the brain to the cells of the body. Those chemicals tell the cells how to behave. Although you may have lost a whole lot of weight and you’re feeling a whole lot better and a lot fitter because you haven’t changed the way you think and even more importantly the way you feel along the way about yourself, who you are and who you’re being then you haven’t actually changed who you have become at the end.

Although you have a physical change as soon as you hit that finish line, you’re defaulting back to your baseline state of thinking and feeling. Therefore, as a result; doing. The work that truly needs to be done is not always what you do externally, it is purely of what you’re thinking and feeling. If you’ve got something in front of you, saying do this do this do this do this do this are you matching up your thoughts and your feelings to being the fit, healthy, vibrant, vital, energized person that would attempt to do those things? While you’re doing it or are you just doing it and throughout that experience you’re thinking and feeling oh my god this is so hard this is never going to end up just got to get to the finish line which I guarantee many many of you will be doing or often than not.

How do you change this?

What do you do about it so that you’re not reverting back to your baseline state?

  • You need to create a new baseline state. The work that needs to be done is in what you’re thinking what you’re feeling and therefore who you’re being. That energetic electromagnetic state that you are. Now people can sense that from you as well as much as your body. Makes changes as a result of this.
  • So the thinking and feeling part that’s often missed in any sort of transformation that you do whether it’s body, money, relationships, career, business that is often missing.
  • We’re so busy searching for the next bright, shiny object that’s going to get you the result you so desperately need that you’re not actually doing what’s going to get you there. Which is all in here, it’s all internal.

What are your solutions?

What do you do so that you’re not constantly wasting all of this money buying the next business course, the next body transformation and nothing ever actually changes?

Well you need to start working on what you’re thinking and feeling and therefore who you’re being. The way to do that is to do the work on yourself. To find out to learn discover what it means to actually go within and change the way you think and the way you feel.

Why that is so important?

Now I have literally hundreds of videos on this Facebook page. I think I looked at it other day, there was a couple hundred which I couldn’t believe. Scroll through that’s going to teach you a whole lot about that. They were all free. You don’t have to buy this information. If you don’t want to, if you don’t feel compelled to do that, if you do feel like you need a deeper more hand held experience where you’re going to get to connect with other people doing this journey and you work better in a group which most people do.

The reason for that is because when you’re surrounding yourself with people who are thinking and feeling and moving in the same direction as you, you are going to feel elevated and inspired to lift yourself to take the next step in the thinking and feeling process. Because you have all of you moving in the same direction. Now we know that anything that moves in the same direction when there’s a whole mass of that moving in to the same direction there’s a whole lot more energy moving in that direction.

I personally work really well in a group scenario and I’m sure many of you do too. We’re going to start with training your mindset. The way you think and feel and you can project that and tune that and channel that into whatever direction in your life you want it to go. So we’re going to get really specific about you, who you are, where you’re at and where you want to be. We’re going to be working in a group environment online to be able to really dig deep into what it is that is blocking you and what it is you need to change and to work on to be able to go to the next level.

Now it is work. It does take effort and there is a philosophy out there that’s like 1% of the population is willing to do the mind work. Everybody’s willing to jump on the doing bandwagon but very few people are willing to do jump on the thinking and feeling. Which is what creates the result. Which is my mission in life to transform the way people actually behave when it comes to change. They start to do it from a position of thinking and feeling rather than just doing, doing, doing all the time. And really have some awareness around what is your baseline state that you default back to consistently that one area of your life that you’ve not quite nailed yet and it frustrates you can just all the time because you’ve consistently consumed with it trying to overcome it trying and you’re never quite getting there you constantly consistently fall back to this baseline state.

What is that for you? How would you need to think and feel to change that?

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