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Why Everyone Else Has ALL The Luck

How many times do you doubt it’s possible for you to have the same level of ‘luck’ ‘good fortune’ or ‘success’ as the people around you? You’re never chosen, you don’t win anything, everything you try fails…

Perhaps you’re not as fun, not as pretty, not as rich, not as smart….

Well that’s what you believe anyway.

But how much of that is REALLY true? And…what of that even matters?

I’ve had these thoughts run through my mind so many times in my life.

The most common phrases I heard growing up is, “it’s just my luck” and “that would be right!” (said with sarcasm at the new experience of seeming bad luck) and the big one, “Given my luck I would….” (also said with sarcasm and a negative outcome to finish the sentence).

I won’t pretend it’s easy to overcome this thought pattern…the ongoing loop that sabotages any possibility of a positive outcome.

I also won’t pretend these little monsters won’t ring in your ears again from time to time once you overcome them.

But I will promise you it IS POSSIBLE to turn these thoughts around.

Dr Wayne Dyer said it beautifully many years ago when he published the book, ‘Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life’.

“When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change”.

I am living proof this works.

Spending years on the ‘unlucky’ side of the table…it was a long, hard slog to get myself out of that seat and over to the good side. What I realised is, the ONLY person who can get me there…is me!

So how did I do it?

I decided to focus on the reasons I am one LUCKY son of a biatch!

It never ceases to amaze me how this one simple thing escalates and grows legs. FAST!

Once, when I was in my early 20’s…I was taking a trip to Sydney to the Fitness Expo with my mum.

As I was driving there, I said to mum, “Damn I feel lucky!” and I said it with such conviction, a flood of tingles and energy ran through my body and it took my breath away.

Two days later…I found out I had won second division in PowerBall!

More recently, sitting at a women’s luncheon and networking event I said to the person next to me after she told me she never wins anything…. “I am really lucky, I win things all the time”.

Who’s name then gets pulled out of the raffle to win a nights accommodation at an apartment and a bottle of sparkling?


A couple of months ago I wanted to share my self made good luck….

I was at a French evening with my mum and I said, “You’re going to win a prize tonight.”

Who do you think won a bottle of French champagne and a dinner for two at the local French restaurant?

My mum of course.

The truth is…you can create your own luck and it all depends on what you choose to think and see.

I could spend all my days thinking about how we have had more thefts than I have fingers. Our construction company has tools all of the state from sticky fingered thieves.

I could focus on my father’s tragic accident.

I could consume myself with the financial losses we have experienced that debilitated us and separated our family for a time.

And of course….they were all the things I focused on for a long time.

But for what? To experience more of the same? Why would I do that to myself.

The fact is…I am not the funniest, the prettiest or the most successful. But the truth is…I don’t much care. I am more than happy to have others who I can laugh with, who inspires me to take care of my skin, who can give me examples of how to be more successful.

To me, I feel like the luckiest little duck in the world…and I have an abundance of amazing women around me who inspire me endlessly.

And let’s face it….if you have your health….you are the luckiest person in the world because you can be, do or have whatever you put your focus and effort on.

What to discover how to get out of your own way and step into your power?

PM me for a complimentary chat and we can see if Mindset Mentoring is right for you.

Sending you bunches of four-leafed clovers and lucky ducks,

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