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Where is Your Healthier Self Hiding?

How long have you been saying….


“I really need to sort out my diet…”


“I really need to start looking after my health…”


“I really need to get fitter but…”


“I need motivation…I just feel so tired all the time…”


I’m sure there are a million other statements I could add here, but I know you get the picture.


And I also know, at least 100% of you have said or thought one of these or something similar in the past or perhaps in your present.


I know I have…many times!


So here’s my thoughts around this…


Many of you spend much of your time (and money) looking outside of you for the ‘healthier’ version of yourself.

You’re looking for the next silver bullet or next ‘thing’ you think will give you the mojo to transform yourself into a healthier version of you.


What I want you to know…is that healthier version of you is not waiting for you at the local crossfit, nor is it under a Jenny Craig logo.


Your healthier self is inside of you…waiting… patiently…


Waiting for you to tap into her, to shed your current skin (aka – beliefs) and reveal her in all her glory.


Most people spend so much time looking outside of themselves for the answer to what they desire…they try and fail and try and fail and try and fail themselves into exhaustion.


I am not saying actions such as going to crossfit won’t help or won’t give you a result. You may end up finding your healthier self within after taking such an action…


The point here is – although you may have chosen the action…ultimately, it was how you CHOSE to feel as a result of taking that action.


  • Did you choose to focus more on the positive than the pain?
  • Did you choose to focus more on the fun than the sweat?
  • Did you choose to focus more on the feeling of becoming strong than the feeling of being weak?


Because at the end of it all…you have two options:


  1. To decide it’s all too hard and create another experience of failing to find your healthier self or…
  2. To decided you are taking a step closer to finding her and the more steps you take, the more you enjoy it and the more inspired you feel about taking another step.


So then, if you can take an action that provides you with a choice…and you choose to focus on the goodness of that experience…and it leads you to find that healthier version of yourself that has lay dormant within you all along…


  • Why not look first for that healthier version of yourself now?
  • Why not sit down and have a chat to her…whether it be in writing, verbal or in your thoughts.
  • Why not decide right now who she is, how she thinks, what actions she takes, what she likes to eat, how she organises her day, how she speaks to herself, how she feels about herself, who she hangs out with.


Like I said, that healthier version of yourself is within you. She is there, right now. You just need to find her.


And how do you find her?


You simply say….


Once she responds…you are in conversation.


The reason I encourage you to find her and speak with her before you start making decisions…is to ensure the decisions you make are in alignment with that healthier version of you.


You grow and evolve over time…but often…you revert back to what ‘worked’ for you in the past. But the truth is…you’re simply not that person anymore. Not mentally, not physically and certainly not spiritually.


You have grown, evolved, expanded.


So what you need going forward is likely no longer what worked 15 years ago.


I can personally attest to this very thing.


This year has been one of new growth and development…a year where my body desired to catch up to my spirit and mind.


At the start of the year I set new fitness goals, new health desires…all to ‘keep me on track’.


But as the year moved forward, I started to feel as though that old way of moving, eating, training no longer served me…I persisted ignorantly anyway.




Because it worked in the past.


Soon enough…my body decided to send me a powerful message and caused me an injury painful enough to eventually stop me in my tracks.


For over a year now I have had a little voice inside of me whispering… “Go back to Yoga, go back to Yoga”.



And all the while my conscious mind interjected with…but I will go soft, I will lose my strong, toned, body…I will lose my fitness, my physique, my momentum.


My inner knowing would respond with, “…yoga requires strength, fitness, discipline, focus and flexibility AND it brings your body into align with your mind and spirit.”


The argument was too strong and soon enough…my body made it so I could no longer continue the way I was.


So the healthier version of my self was inside of me, talking to me all along. It wasn’t that I was not already fit and healthy…but the choices I was making to be that were no longer serving me and I was not listening.


Succumbing to the inner voice of my healthier self has brought a greater sense of alignment…which to me…is certainly a healthier version of me. A holistic healthier version.


The day I decided to return to yoga, I walked into the room and was so overwhelmed with the feeling of being ‘home’ I literally burst into tears. Thankfully the room was dark… I realised throughout my first class the emotion I was feeling was gratitude for listening to that healthier version of me.


So I encourage you to start talking AND listening to that healthier version that has been hiding WITHIN you.


The answers you seek are there, but you must give her attention to find them.


Realise what once worked for you may no longer be what you, your mind, your body, your spirit require now.


It may not be yoga for you. Perhaps it is power lifting, perhaps it is hiking, perhaps it is a sport or perhaps it is Pilates.

Perhaps it is veganism, perhaps it is more protein, perhaps it’s eating more fruits and vegetables, perhaps it’s as simple as giving up processed wheat.


Whatever it is for you…that one small or giant step…know it is coming from within and that will be the right decision for you for right now….however long that lasts.


Choose to become the best thing that ever happened to you ;-).



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