I'm Sommer Louise...a speaker, author, mentor with an insatiable passion for teaching you how to live a life that's truly alive, optimally healthy and energetic. 


"If you want to think negatively, she won’t let you think that way.
All the negatives are changed to positives and it feels great.
Sommer’s zing for life, you just want it too.
Nothing is too hard, everything is achievable.
Sommer is always there for you mentally, physically and personally."

"Sommer Louise mindset mentor has changed my life!
The best thing I’ve done was join forces with this gorgeous intelligent lady.
After my very first session with Sommer I noticed a huge shift in
my mindset.
Not only is Sommer a wealth of knowledge, but her deliverance is second to none.
I will continue to in invest in myself with the help of Sommer & her incredible programs.
Words can not express the gratitude I have for the opportunity to have met Sommer Louise.
Absolutely amazing!"

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Is it possible to live a life better than what you're currently living?

We all go through the ups and downs of life, right? Yet it seems some are be born under a 'lucky' star, have great genetics or just have it always work out well for them. Well, I can tell you there is perhaps something they know about life that you may not... Find out how to create your own 'luck'...how to value yourself enough to 'allow' it all to work out for you and step into a whole new sense of confidence, passion and zest for life. 

Subscribe to the Podcast and discover how to be one of the 'lucky' ones, creating a body, mind and life you truly love.

Online Programs


The eBook - Stepping Stones

10 Steps to Finding Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Do you love your life? Do you think it's even possible to feel that way? This book teaches you the powerful basics of how to fall in love with yourself, your life and create the experiences you've only ever dreamed of.

Draw on Sommer's many years of experience and discover her own personal struggles that led her to find the insatiable passion to share this with you.

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The 30 Day Mind Body Transformation Challenge

Take yourself from exhausted to energised with confidence and a renewed passion for life!

Discover exactly why you are struggling to change your behaviour and do it all in less than 20 minutes per day!

This program includes daily mindset mentoring, exercise, menus, shopping lists as well as a whole bunch of tips & tools to keep you feeling inspired!

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The Inner Circle

A 12 Week Application Only Program for Women Who Are Ready to Supercharge Their Life!

Focus on energising you, empowering you and building your self esteem.

You will be part of a group online working through YOUR mindset, YOUR beliefs, YOUR obstacles, YOUR brick walls.

Each week we discuss what’s going on for you so we can provide support, inspiration and solutions.

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The Exclusive Mindset Mentoring Program

This is for women who are truly ready for change.

You have done the reading, done the 'do it yourself' programs, done the group work...

Now it's time to stop fluffing around and get super focused on you.

You have a desire, you know what you want...and you want to know exactly how to find within you what it takes to achieve it.

This is an application only process and I will be chatting with you to ensure we are the right fit before we commence.

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