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The reason your POSITIVE THINKING may be the cause of your FAILURE and 3 STEPS to overcome it!

I deal with health and wellbeing. I help women to change the way they think and feel about health and wellbeing and how to implement that into their lives. So that they’re not battling the bulge and creating these consistent yo-yo effect in their lives.

Now this is one of the major causes of their problem.

So thinking, “I don’t want to be fat” is going to move them towards what they desire which is being slimmer and healthier. They think that “I want to be skinny” is a positive thought that is going to move them towards what it is they think they desire. But in actual fact something else is happening when they do this.

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Two things happen here:

  1. “I don’t want to be fat.”

It is a very backwards complement. Your brain has linked an emotion to you being overweight. Every time you think the word fat you have an emotional response. You do not have an emotional response to the words; “I do not want to be” they are space fillers. As soon as you say the word, fat, you trigger an automatic response that you’ve buried in your subconscious.

  1. “I want to be skinny.”

If you’re overweight and you’ve created a habit of self-loathing and hating what you see in the mirror, when you see a skinny person or you think the word skinny, what you’ve linked to is the fact that you’re not skinny.

The same rings true for anything in your life. You’re saying, “I am rich” and you’re claiming and stating all of these things yet your bank account is negative, all it’s doing is triggering the thoughts and feelings of being unwealthy.

The same is true for success. If you’re saying, “I am a success” “My career is amazing” and you haven’t aligned the feelings that go along with that the more that you state it, the more that you remind yourself that you don’t have it. You’ve created the neurological and biological habit of every time you see and think about that positive thing it triggers the negative.

So what do you do about it?

How do you actually change it?

Three steps to overcome Failure:

The first step is mind your language.

You need to state your desires in a way that is affirming what it rather than reaffirming what you don’t want.


I don’t want to be sick.

I don’t want to be fat.

I don’t want to be poor.

I don’t want to be a failure.

I don’t want to be unworthy.

You’re reaffirming the negative word because you have an emotional response to these words.

Second step is when you say this new positive affirmation how does it make you feel on the inside?

This means that you need to create a state of acute awareness.


I am healthy.

I am in the perfect body.

I am energized.

I am vital.

I am well.

I would encourage you to use words like vital, energized because when you’re energized, you’re in an action state. You’re looking after yourself. Even more so worthy because when you feel worthy you’re going to take action that nourishes and nurtures yourself.

Third step is learning how to feel what you want rather than just thinking what you want and using the interrupters to break down the old passion and reinstall the new one.

What is an an interrupter?

I’m going to be create an audio that you can listen to when suddenly you have a negative feeling. You can pop your earphones and press play then start the process of thinking in a completely different way so that you can start to break down the neurological association between what you desire and the negative habit that you’ve created.

It’s like a muscle. If you don’t use that pattern of thinking those brain cells are going to weaken and they’re going to disassemble and reassemble in the positive way.

So you start to interrupt it with words and motions which is going to speed up the process feelings of what you desire as opposed to those old voices. Now you must have the awareness of what the old voice is before you do this.

 It’s time for you to start realizing what your worth.

Stop sabotaging and start energizing your mind your body and your life become the person you truly want to be.

I can show you how. Head to www.sommerlouise.com/programs to discover your solution.


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