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Western V’s Eastern – The Saddest Conversation I Ever Overheard

I was buying a bunch of beautiful flowers for myself this morning and overheard the saddest thing….
The florist (an elderly male) asked the lady in front of me…
“What are you up to today?”
At which she replied:
“I am being forced to go to an aromatherapy party. I don’t really want to go!”
The florist then replies…
“My daughter is studying medicine and she told me it is all a load of bull. It may be placebo for sure…but there is nothing in this aromatherapy stuff!”
My heart dropped and I wanted to leave the shop.
To be a florist and not believe in the power of the flowers, plants and aromas that come from them!?
And the fact in this day and age…Western medicine is STILL naive to the fact aromatherapy has been used as medicine for centuries…long before western medicine even realised germs exist!
This is what I believe to be the greatest issue in our health care system. They ‘US and THEM’ approach to healing.
Imagine a world where they two come together and heal for the sake of healing rather than placing elitist beliefs onto another methodology. I believe we are well on our way but there is also a LONG way to go when student GP’s are still being taught complimentary medicine is nothing more than ‘placebo’. The same can be said for many surgeries and drugs as has been proven time and time again.
I will never forget the day I attended a GP to request a series of blood tests so I could complete my Bachelor of Natural Medicine degree assignment.

In front of my then 4 year old daughter, she proceeded to yell at me for even considering complimentary medicine and REFUSED to give me a referral for my tests.
I was furious and gobsmacked at the words she used, her narrow minded beliefs and judgmental attitude.
This may seem like a controversial conversation…and it is…but I for one will continue to invest in my health BEFORE there is an issue and ALWAYS opt for complimentary medicine over Western.
What are your thoughts?
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