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I have a powerful question for you all!

What brings you bliss? I mean truly…what brings YOU bliss?

Now this is not to be answered with….”making my children happy”.

That is a divine desire…but that’s not what I am asking.

I am asking about you…and you alone.

The reason I am asking this is because I am currently on a speaking tour with the ever fabulous Melanie Else…and in my observations I have notice a vast contract between myself and my gorgeous friend Mel.

And here’s what it is….

Mel has a profound understanding of what makes her happy. What truly brings her bliss…and she ensures…those moments of bliss are carefully crafted and sprinkled throughout her life when the opportunity presents itself.

Travelling on a plane is one great example…

Me: 3 books at the ready, all about mindset, a ‘to-do’ list for my hubby’s business, my business consulting business, my clients and my speaking tour. I plan to smash out more work than hours available and I am at the ready.

Mel: Pre-downloaded TV shows all that bring her into states of delight and laughter (I sat next to Mel laughing her ass off out loud at a funny movie one flight and it was so much fun to listen to!), a snuggly blankie, a full bottle of water, a considerate perusal of the food menu…and so it goes.

What I have realised by this is I, have an profound understanding of what brings me intellectual bliss, and what brings me ‘body’ bliss….yet there’s a big gaping hole of how to truly indulge in crafting the experience of ‘BEING’ bliss.

I meditate daily….but often, I am in trance while walking…I don’t just sit in bliss as much as I would like.

I ‘think’ about having a nice warm bath with a glass of bubbly and a trashy book…but I rarely follow through with the action.

I daydream about sitting by a pool, without thinking about the ‘what’ I need to do list…and just staring into space with a goofy smile on my face.

The truth is…I have been practising presence – the art of being in the moment – for a long time now… it’s challenging and I step in and out of it.

But this goes beyond presence….

This is about discovering WHAT brings you true bliss…the little things…the micro experiences.

Those little moments in time, where the ‘to do’ list, the family events, the wish list, the mental rehearsal, the serving of others, the ‘should’ do’s, the ‘must’ do’s and the ‘intentions’ are all put to rest.

And all you are left with is a micro moment of whatever the hell you like.

It may be a trashy magazine.

It may be a corny movie.

It may be the first bite of peanut butter on toast with a big slab of melting butter.

What I feel as though I am getting at here…is there is ‘presence’ and there is ‘being’….and I often ask… ‘WHO are you ‘being’….

And there is BEING…. ‘WITHOUT JUDGMENT’ of what truly brings you bliss.

Completely and utterly immersing your every sense into a mini experience that makes you giggle like a school girl.

And it totally and completely does not matter what that ‘thing’ is.

It’s not about the kids…

It’s not about hubby…

It’s not about survival…

It’s not about spirituality…

It’s not about being anyone, any thing or any how…

It’s pure, unadulterated indulgence into something that brings you into an ‘OH YES’ state of momentary bliss.

I don’t have the answer for myself yet….but as I write this…I am sitting in my gorgeous resort room in Bali…which Mel arranged…with a head & foot massage experience coming up later today…which Mel arranged…and a 3 day hiatus…ready to discover my micro bliss…

Melanie Else – I think I am in love! ???


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