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What’s Your Worth?

By March 24, 2018 Wellbeing No Comments


I have had a running theme popping up in my world of late and that is the topic of ‘worth’. Not just self worth which runs so much deeper…but your actual monetary worth. The monetary worth however is intrinsically linked to your self worth.

Sometimes it’s a case of “you just didn’t know what you are offering is valuable”. Especially when you love what you do so much, and you are so passionate about it, you would and have done it for free for a long, long time!

So the questions to ask yourself are…

1. What exactly is it that I can offer?

2. What could this possibly bring to or do for whom I am offering it to? What is the value to them?

3. Is there anyone else out there receiving an income from this ability? If so, how much?

4. How much do I FEEL this is worth? Pick a number and either move up or down the scale until you reach a point where you feel slightly nervous about that figure as well as slightly excited and inspired by it.

If the number you choose makes you feel burdened or physically sick, weak at the knees or brings you to the thought process of…”NO ONE is going to pay ME that for this!”….then you are off the mark!

It goes without saying you must combine this with the cost to you of what you are doing…that’s just common sense.

But all too often I am seeing one of two things:

1. People with few skills selling programs / products / services for way more than even they believe it is worth…so they fail.

2. People with AMAZING skills giving their stuff away for free!

If you just can’t seem to find your personal worth and be able to match it with what you could potentially receive monetarily for your abilities…allow me to help align you so you can finally begin to be validated with the energetic exchange between your offering and payment.

I am opening ONLY 5 places available for mindset mentoring where I can help you to align your personal worth with your skillset.

Want in?

Contact me for a complimentary, no pressure 30 minute discovery session.

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