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You’re Never Too Old, Too Experienced or Too Evolved to Learn This….

Kindness is one of the most simple yet powerful virtues.

Sommer Louise

The Mindset Mentor Podcast

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Today is the final day of my mini trip to Bali as a stopover on a speaking tour.


I love to spend my mornings exploring when I travel and this morning was no exception.


The one difference however was I felt as though I was taking a trip down memory lane…rather than exploring places new and interesting.


Yesterday was a day of epic proportion…unexpected and utterly delightful.


I was introduced to a Balinese Healer and Clairvoyant.


The name…unknown…the location…somewhere in Denpasar….


Courageous….quite possibly.




During this clairvoyant/healing experience, I was told many things about myself and my possible future –all of which rang very true. Some of the detail was unmistakable. It was difficult to make out his words most of the time, however, I feel I received what I needed.


The healing was not what I expected….more of a massage of often epic pain and excruciating discomfort.

There was no humming, ahhing, banging or clanging of pots or pans or anything weird or unusual.

But what I felt after this incredible experience was absolute relief from the pain of the bulged disc in my lower back and 100% healing of my incredibly damaged and sore right shoulder.


I was lost for words….


Finally….I experienced an incredible surge of calm energy….a clarity of mind and body and not an ounce of fatigue to be found.


Upon leaving…The healer told us the story of his healing gift and the direct connection and communication he has to spirit since his death from being hit by a car. He was left completely broken…every bone…and he has the x-rays to prove it.


During his death experience….he saw his angel and they went on a journey together. When he awoke…his body was completely healed…leaving the doctors astonished.


As I left…I felt a profound love wash over me for this kind and gentleman.


Arriving back at my room that evening…I decided to test his advice that I am to rise at 3 am, shower, then spend time in Samadhi (definition: the highest stage in meditation, in which a person experiences oneness with the universe).


I spoke the words out loud…


“if this is to be true…I will awake at 3 am or the perfect time to practice Samadhi.”


Ironically…(or not)…my phone rang at exactly 4 am in the morning – just one sole ring. 4 am just happens to be my favorite time of the day to rise.


I suddenly felt incredibly awake and immediately sat up, practiced the breathing and chakra activation I was told to do…and began my Samadhi.


I sat in this state for what seemed like no time at all but I am certain was over an hour.


Soon after I fell back to sleep to experience some clear and unusual dreams.


Upon arising…I went for my morning exploration… and found myself heading furiously towards my favorite accommodation place in Bali.


As I reached this destination I again felt a wave of love, kindness and happiness wash over me.


This feeling lulled me into a state of calm once again and I ceased my barrelling walk– the one I am often doing when I am told I look as if I am on a mission to save a life!


It was then I realized the lesson I was to learn on this Bali stopover….


I believe kindness is one of the most simple yet powerful virtues.


The Balinese have mastered the art of such kindness and they often go out of their way to serve, to be polite, to be kind.


Too often I see this kindness mistaken for ‘servantry’ – the lesson is lost on some.


Yet if you allow ourselves to receive this kindness…with gratitude and humility…it truly has the power to bring the feelings of love and connection back into your world.


I realised upon basking in the surroundings of Bali during my walk that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how experienced you are or how wise….


Exposure to kindness, witnessing kindness, receiving kindness and giving kindness will be your life long teacher.


There has never been an occasion I have not learned something new, something wonderful, something magical upon being exposed to such a virtue.


In fact…I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at length to the son of our gifted healer while I awaiting my turn to be healed.


He spoke of the experience he had and the observations he made after being flown to Sydney to promote his tattoo shop.


This delightful, svelte and gifted artist told me of the Australian who would fly to Bali to see him for his tattoos.


This Australian man was a business owner…an entrepreneur…and owned a number of mini-marts and the like.


He was so impressed by the talent and quality of the artist’s work he took it upon himself to expand this young mans tattoo business.


The artist shared with me the fact his shop was very small, nothing fancy and just enough space to do his work.


The entrepreneur wanted him to open a larger shop, fully kitted out with the idea of making lots of money.


The artist told him he did not want a bigger, fancier shop. He did not focus on the money. His view was to grow his business, step by step, putting money into family, tax and back into the business. He told the man he did this job to provide quality…and from this focus on quality…the money will come…but money is not the focus.


He then went on to share his views on his trip to Sydney.


It was difficult to understand his limited English…but the message was incredibly clear….


“The people in Sydney are all so busy…rushing, rushing. They never look up, they never say Hello, Good Morning. They all look so stressed. So so stressed. Stress, stress everywhere. Rushing Rushing. They all do this for the money….but it’s so unhappy. I choose quality. And I take my time. Slowly, slowly I build…and the money it comes.”


I felt his observations were incredibly accurate and profound.


Again….I feel it comes back to the simple act ofkindness.


The small amount of attention and time it takes to simply say ‘hello’ or even better… ‘good morning’.


This simple act of kindness can really light up someone’s day, remind them to look up, to smile, to greet the world with a positive attitude, that there are wonderful people and experiences awaiting, that little rays of sunshine are all around if you’re willing to notice.


So no matter how old you are, how much experience you have, how wise or how sophisticated…open yourself up to the lessons kindness holds…they are often unexpected yet always delightful.

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