When I realised




There are defining moments in our lives that shape who we are today.

For me, I have quite literally had to lose everything in my life, more than once, to really figure it all out. I’ve spent a really big part of my life trying to prove myself to those around me. Yearning for acceptance, desperate for success and being whomever I needed to be to receive it.

By the time I hit my mid 30’s, I was deeply depressed – I was riddled with anxiety, separated from my husband and living out of my car.‍

I felt like I was drowning with absolutely no direction.

I lacked self-belief yet held onto a gut-wrenching desire to become the person I knew I was born to be.

My yearning for more has meant I have tried it all throughout my life, in search of that one thing I was born to do.

I had a successful career in banking from a very young age.‍

I’ve won dux of my police squad.‍

I’ve received commendations for my work as a police officer.‍

I’ve been a personal trainer and a mindset mentor – I’ve even dug holes and built fences in our landscape construction business.‍

Yet throughout each and every career, no matter how successful I was perceived to be, I inevitably fell into my void – not moving forwards, not moving backwards, not taking action yet, yearning for change.‍

Looking back, I realised that during these times my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing was out of alignment.

To be who I authentically am, I needed to simplify & detoxify my life. I had to remove old beliefs, toxic people, false desires, brick walls & other people’s expectations.

I needed to take my power back.

‍It was only then that I was able to see everything clearly.

I was able understand who I really am & what I really wanted.

‍I was able to make empowered decisions that moved me forward.

And I was ultimately able to believe in myself and the way in which I choose to live my life.

And that’s what I’m proud to say I help others do too.

‍Every single experience has led me to here and now – whilst I know life’s challenges are inevitable, I also know I am no longer in a void – and the person I am today, will keep moving forward with aligned action no matter what life throws my way.

Sommer Louise is a qualified NLP & EFT Practitioner, Alignment & Power Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker.

With her innately gifted intuitive abilities and honed practical skills, she deeply connects with stagnant, frustrated business owners, helping them to overcome the mental hurdles preventing their success.

Her inner holistic abilities are combined with scientifically proven modalities, removing trauma and emotional blocks leading her clientele to their true potential.

The results her clients experience are rapid and unprecedented.

In a world riddled with anxiety, depression and a lack of self-worth, Sommer believes every human has the right to live an abundant, purposeful life, free of false and outdated social paradigms, untruths, negative self-talk and destructive beliefs.

She is on a mission to transform the way the people of the world think and feel about themselves and their experiences in life, so they can step out of their void and into their power with confidence, clarity and calm.

Sommer is based in Gold Coast, Australia and works with clients nationally and internationally.