Often I find myself on a quest for more.

More knowledge.

More spiritual connection.

More intuition.

More growth.

Do you ever find yourself craving a deeper understanding of this thing called life?

My thirst for a deeper understanding of our journey through life is insatiable. It’s like being stuck out in the dry, crushing heat of an arid desert without a water station in sight.

I am learning more every single day and I still want to drink more in.

Recently I was listening to an ‘oldie but a goodie’ – A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.

Marianne says her words quickly,  you need to be super switched on when you’re listening.

As the words poetically rolled off her tongue, a collection of them suddenly captured me in a way that caused me to switch off the audiobook and sit in deep contemplation.

She said, “Surrender means giving up attachment to results.”

Those seven little words left me reeling for more, for a deeper understanding, for examples of if or when I had truly surrendered in my life.

The word surrender is thrown around like a basketball in a Globtrotter’s game these days.

Yet, it can be the most antagonistic word your little and sensitive ears can hear when you’re in the midst of a gut-wrenching, earth-moving crisis.

Surrender reveals the polar opposite of each other in an instant – at the very mention of the word, your reaction to it will give you are clear indication of which end of the pole you are choosing.

Surrender will cause you to feel one of two things:

1. The terror of losing control or 2. relief.

Apply it to any crisis you’ve ever ‘survived’ and delve into this idea.

What would you have felt if you were to truly surrender and given up attachment to the results?

I explored the idea of surrendering further and discovered something really powerful.

I realised surrender and releasing attachment to the results DOESN’T mean you become complacent.

It does NOT mean to sit around and wait for things to happen ‘to’ you.

It does NOT give you a free ticket on the lazy train.

What it DOES mean is you continue to take consistent, aligned steps, towards what you desire, void of doubt, with the knowing that the outcome is already done.‍

And the best bit is you just may end up with something even better.