Abundance Comes
From Clarity

Sommer Louise

Are You Stuck In A Void?

Not moving forward.
Not moving backward.
Not taking action.
Yet yearning for change.

Are You Sitting on the Sidelines Watching Others Succeed & Nothing Seems to Work for You?

Old destructive thoughts, behaviours and patterns that you can’t seem to break free from.

Self-doubt in your abilities to achieve the goals you’re deeply yearning for.

Brain fog and confusion that are preventing you from making a confident decision

In a state of survival, unable to get off the “hamster wheel”.

Family expectations and stigmas that have you feeling trapped into conforming to how you “should” be doing things

Fear of lack; not enough money, time and energy

The paralysis of unexplained and spontaneous anxiety

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how you can step off the Sidelines & into your
power, abundance & success.

You now live in a world where there’s so much pressure to be more, do more and have more. More success, more money, more time, more stuff!

‍All that white noise is deafening and most of us are cracking under the pressure – becoming someone other than who we really are and living a life dictated by other people’s expectations, to survive.‍

It’s during those life-defining moments when we feel incredibly unfulfilled, that we realise we’ve hit a void.

‍My clients are women in business just like you, who are feeling frustrated at the lack of clarity and progress in their business and life.

To the outside world, they look like successful, ambitious go-getters – and the truth is, they are.

‍But on the inside, they’re beginning to lose their vision, their direction and worse, their self-belief.‍

They’re sitting at a crossroads and want to start a new journey, but they’re filled with doubt, fear and overwhelm – not moving forwards, not moving backwards, not taking action, yet deeply yearning for change.‍

They’re staring at the distance between where they’re at now and where they want to be, losing hope that they’ll ever get there.

I can help you find clarity by using scientifically proven and holistic methodologies that get results, fast – so you can begin taking steps forward with certainty and conviction.

‍I use my decades of learnings to help you align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing – to release the blocks that are holding you back.‍

The heaviness you feel begins to lighten.‍

The fogginess clouding your ability to see clearly, disappears.

‍You breathe a sigh of relief as you let go of old beliefs, toxic people, false desires and other people’s expectations – simplifying what felt like an incredibly complicated life.‍

And as you take steps forward, you realise that the distance between where you’re at now and where you want to be, isn’t so far after all.

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If you’re stuck in a void and need clarity & results fast, Power Coaching may be the best option for you. I take on a small number of private clients each year. I have a number of options & packages you can choose from. Before any booking is made, I chat with every client to determine whether we’re the right fit.

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