Step out of your void
and into your power.

Sommer Louise






My clients are successful, go-getting business women, just like you, who are feeling frustrated and paralysed by the lack of progress in their business and life. You know it’s your beliefs holding you back, but you feel powerless to change it.

You’re sitting at a crossroads and want to start a new journey, to up-level your life, but you’re filled with doubt, uncertainty and overwhelm – so, you sit in that place where you’re not moving forwards, not moving backwards, not taking action, yet deeply yearning for change.

I can help you realign with your deep sense of clarity by using scientifically proven and holistic methodologies that get results, fast – so you can begin taking powerful, aligned steps forward with confidence and conviction.  

I use my decades of learnings, EFT, NLP and my gift of intuition to help you align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing – to release the blocks that are holding you back.

There are defining moments in our lives that shape who we are today. For me, I had to lose everything in my life, more than once, to figure it all out.
Throughout each and every career, no matter how successful I was perceived to be, I inevitably fell into my void – not moving forwards, not moving backwards, not taking action, yet yearning for change.
By the time I hit my mid 30’s, I was deeply depressed; riddled with anxiety, separated from my husband and living out of my car.  
It was only when I took my power back, that everything changed.


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